Meet Our Staff

Mac's History, Owners and Employess

Mac's was built in 1969 by Hugh McCormick who ran the business until he handed it down to his son Larry. In 2003 Larry sold the establishment to its current owners Jeff and Becky Smith. 

Meet the folks who work at Mac's or rather the folks who keep Mac's working. Bobcat Watson and how Mac's got it's start. Bobby Watson began cutting meat in 1956 when he was just 15 years old. He worked in several locations in the county until he began working for Hugh McCormick at Mac's pool room. In its day the pool room was well known in this and surrounding counties as "the place" to hang out, shoot pool, and get the best bowl of chili that ever was and ever will be made. Other favorite items on the menu at Mac's was their cheeseburgers and what was known as a mix-bowl. A mix-bowl in case you didn't know was a combination of a half bowl of chili and a half bowl of stew. Hugh McCormick better known as Mac was looking for a better quality and less expensive meats for his menu. So the idea of building a slaughterhouse and harvesting livestock was born and of course Bobby Watson would be the meat cutter. Little did Mac know that the slaughterhouse would thrive and far out do the pool room as a money maker in those days. Bobby Watson better known as "Bobcat Watson" to his friends and co workers went from cutting meat and making chili at the pool room to cutting meat at Mac's Slaughterhouse. But not before he actually helped build the place, laying block and doing some of the actual construction on the building. Yes, Bobcat Watson has been with the business since the very beginning and is still around helping out hanging out and keeping watch over the place today. As for "The Pool Rooms" secret chili recipe, Bobby may be the last living person to know it, unless.... he has given it to me?
 Update: Bobby Watson has retired since this article was written, but he still comes by from time to time and will forever be a part of Mac's.
John Stephens.- is the plant manger. I guess you would call John Jeff's right hand man. John works really hard for us. He knows how to do everything from cutting to packaging from slaughtering to customer service. John is usually the first person here and the last one to leave.
The owners of Mac's Meat Processing are Jeff and Becky Smith. We have been married for over 35 years with 5 wonderful children and 13 grandchildren. We bought Mac's about twenty years ago because Jeff was an over the road truck driver and was looking for a way to be home more with his family. Although the hours are sometimes long and the work is hard, we take pride in our work and cherish all the people we've met and friends that we've made.

Mac's Meat Processing also known as Mac's Slaughterhouse at 67 Mac's St. Winchester TN 37398. Our desire at Mac's is to have the best quality service at reasonable price while seeking ways to serve you better. Mac's primary business is the harvesting and processing of livestock. Mainly beef and hogs but we do sheep goats and deer as well.
Things Mac's has to offer...

• custom slaughtering and processing
• fresh country sausage
• ground beef

We hope to have some other products available in the near future such as summer sausage and some other smoked meats.