Welcome to the Retail Market

Mac's Meat Processing is excited to offer a Retail Market!

All beef products are American or locally grown and "dry aged" at least 14 days for that tasty and tender custom processing taste you have been looking for! To insure freshness products will be packaged and frozen after the aging process.

As we grow we plan to offer more locally grown fresh beef products
as well as pork products.

We eventually plan to offer some online package deals and delivery services. Come grow with us!

Products Available In House Now


Ribeye steak
Ribeye USDA "Dry Aged"
$15 lb./2 per pack
T bone steak (1)
T-bone USDA "Dry Aged"
$20 lb./2 per pack
Porterhouse USDA "Dry Aged" 
$23 lb./2 per pack
Chuck roast
Chuck Roast USDA "Dry Aged"
$8 lb.
Brisket USDA "Dry Aged"
$7 lb.
Chuck Ground USDA "Dry Aged"
$6 lb.
Round Ground USDA "Dry Aged "
$6 lb.
Ground beef
Ground Beef USDA "Dry Aged" &  "Locally Grown"
$6 lb.
Brisket Chuck Burgers
$8 lb.
Brisket Bacon Burgers
$8 lb.


Mac's Country "Sooo Pig" Sausage
Made in house with exclusive recipe.
$4 lb.
Mariah Brand Bacon
$7 lb.
Sugar Cured Bacon
$7 lb.


Shrimp/Shell Off
$12 lb.
Shrimp/Shell On
$9 lb.
Frog Leggs
$10 lb.
Prices according to Market and subject to change.

Additional Items

Local Honey
$18 pint
Local Fresh Eggs
$4 dozen
Homemade Jams & Jellies
various flavors 
$13 pint
Special Seasonings
  •  “Buried Treasure” Truffe
  • “The Backyard”  Better Burger
  • “Multi Tool” Ultimate Blend
  • “Chop Shop” Steak Seasoning
  • "Notorious Pig Rub" Pulled Pork Seasoning
$5 - $6